Picking & slurping on Cashew Apple when the Malabar hills weigh under millions of apples and nuts is a super feeling. The wonder of the season you missed in person is retained in these ivory nuts.

Smile, you’ve just bought yourself a bit of Happiness!

And in the bargain you have also aligned yourself with a grassroots movement that upholds the dignity of the farmer and the preservation of the environment.

These cashews are sourced on Fair Trade terms from member farmers of Fair Trade Alliance Kerala. Their farms are located in the hilly tracts of Malabar that form part of the Western Ghats. The environmental sensitivity of farming operations here secures our collective future in a climate challenged world.

The farmers enjoy the guarantee of a fair price, protected against the wildly fluctuating commodity prices. The higher than market price, along with the Fair Trade social premium, enable them individually and as an organisation to initiate activities that promote bio diversity, food security and gender justice.

  • Organically grown Fairly traded
  • Sourced from Fair Trade Alliance Kerala
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